If you are thinking about psychotherapy, you probably have questions for any potential therapist. In my experience, they usually go something like this.

Who do you work with?
I could simply say I work with human beings.
It would be true, but perhaps less than helpful here.
I have worked extensively with those challenged by complex mental health needs, both within services, and for the last few decades, in Private Practice.
I have specialised experience in the LGBTQ community and am currently collaborating with Dr. Vickie Pasterski @ https://www.harleystgenderclinic.com where I offer psychosexual psychotherapy to people who need psychotherapeutic support as they navigate the demands and rigours of transitioning. I also assist Dr. Pasterski with some of the clinic’s post diagnosis, follow-up assessments.

I offer both open ended, ongoing psychotherapy, and brief interventions of 2 – 6 sessions in which there is something very specific needing some space and attention.

I work with individuals, couples and families.
I have found over the years that people often show up with an agenda, a particular storyline of crisis, and for many it turns out to be the doorway to a deeper enquiry into what matters, the often less than conscious quality and tone of the relationship with self. It is from how we are with the one we are with that all else is informed, and we don’t always know and understand that. I believe psychotherapy can become a pilgrimage Home to a field that is kinder and simpler than it might have seemed. We humans are experts at getting in our own way, because we don’t know how not to, until some compassionate translating can be accessed and then we do.

So, in a nutshell, I could just say: I work with Human Beings.
Whatever brings you is very welcome, I am safe, experienced, and will offer attentive holding and attunement so we can listen to what needs to and is already trying to happen.

What sort of therapist are you?
I have a Psychotherapy Diploma from The Psychosynthesis & Education Trust and an MA in psychodynamic psychotherapy from The Tavistock & Portman Trust. I am a Full Member of WPATH https://www.wpath.org (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) I have done many CPD and shorter trainings over the years that reflect my deep and abiding interest in bodywork, sexuality, depression, birth, death, and all that makes us human.

How does psychotherapy work?
I think the simple answer to that question, is that it provides a safe, welcoming and attentive space. People come to therapy for all sorts of reasons, sometimes in a moment of crisis or defeat, and sometimes with a specific idea of what they want to achieve. It doesn’t matter if you know exactly what you need, or not. I’m a great believer in compassion and my work is rooted in what I call, The Fields Of Kindness. It is in that field that healing can happen. Psychotherapy can help make deeper sense of who we are, thereby giving us more freedom to live fully. People often come to therapy thinking and believing there is something wrong with them. Building compassionate and effective strategies to help us understand how these belief systems get set up and how to constructively argue with them, can change everything.

How long does it take?
I have been asked that many times. Different psychotherapies. Various timelines… You might want to give yourself a specific time structure. Duration maybe decided by your financial situation. You may want to do short and intensive work. If you are working in an open ended and ongoing way, I believe it becomes very clear when the therapy is coming to a conclusion, and we would work on that closure together.

How much does it cost?
I charge £65 for an hour’s appointment, and I sometimes have a low cost or bursary place available

Where are you?
I have a home-based practice in Queen’s Park, London, W9 3DB. There is good public transport and pay & display parking.
Since COVID arrived and threw the world into disarray, I am working via Zoom, as I find it the most reliable platform. I also use WhatsApp audio and the telephone.